JMoon L.A.B.S.

We Learn. We Create. We Grow.

JMoon Learning And Building School creates innovative solutions to the current problems in Robotics using the latest technologies. We also provide various kinds of services to individuals and corporates.

The L.A.B.S. center is funded by, India’s Cheapest Robotic Store, and is housed with our very own publicly accessible JMoon MakerSpace, India’s First Tech MakerSpace, and now also an incubator.

3D Services

We can design objects in CAD, 3D Scan objects and people, and 3D Print anything you desire.

Prototyping Services

We create complete electronic prototypes, for companies, in the fields of Robotics, Internet of Things, Wearable Fashion, Home Automation, Interactive Art Installation, Animatronics, Human Computer Interaction, and PCB Design.

Coding Services

Created a hardware you need sample codes and libraries for? We’ve got experienced people standing by to handle it for you in C/C++, Embedded ‘C’, Arduino, Python, MATLAB, Processing, ROS, and more.

Selling Services

We’ve created the perfect platform for all artists, makers, & startups to sell and market their projects/prototytpes/products. JOIN

Contact Us

Let our experts create something for you. Send us an email on with your requirements. OR